Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Playing Favorites (Part 1)

One of the questions frequently asked of wedding coordinators is: Who is/are the best supplier/s in photography? In wedding videography? How about wedding gown designers? Florists? In this connection, allow us to play favorites, and for this particular blog, we are featuring not one but ten of our trusted suppliers, ones we have previously worked with and whose works we have seen. Their personalities combined with talent make them the best in their fields.
l Jason Magbanua (Video). A supplier that needs no need further introduction, Jason teems with style, creativity and the perfect attitude which make him the most sought-after wedding supplier. His wedding videos are as diverse as his clients—from the pure romantics to the uncanny non-conformists. Watching his same day edit videos leave you in blissful abandonment. Considered as the lone rock star in wedding videography, Jason is known for his unobtrusive shooting style—it is always a welcome treat to work with Jason. Click the following links for some of the weddings I’ve coordinated where the onsite video presentations masterfully became the highlight of the wedding programme. (Lex and Lynn, Jojo and Weng, Gary and Luzel, and Erick and Mamai)

l Dino Lara (Photography). To say that Dino Lara is a master is a huge understatement. He is unassuming despite the rave reviews and awards he gets from his photographs. Dino captures the raw emotions of couples even in unexpected places. His inherent ability for capturing the perfect emotion enables him to come up with breathtaking, captivating and idyllic photographs. Witness some of unforgettable weddings Dino captured for the following Events! Events! clients: Tom and Michie, Mandy and Janelle, and Tim and Diane.

l Karl de Leon and Mimi Abesamis of Fotogra Weddings (Photography). Karl and Mimi capture images which leave you in awe. Their attention to details, playful use of colors, and drama in their master portraits make them the team to beat in wedding photography. The popular cliché, “you get the best of both worlds,” happens when you have them around to take pictures—a man’s and a woman’s take on any given subject. Their infectious happy disposition makes them any wedding planner’s dream photographer. Be amazed with these engaging photographs stylishly captured by Karl and Mimi. (Jojo and Rowena, Martin and Tetta, and Gary and Luzel.

l Madge Lejano of The Make-Up Studio (Hair and Make-up). Pioneered by Madge Lejano, The Make Up Studio team is composed of several make up artists and hair stylists who have extensive bridal experience. Dependable professionals deem fit the most discriminating brides. They use only quality products when working with brides to ensure a glowing and lasting wear. Having the same philosophy which is to achieve a natural look with a radiant glow, Madge and her team believe that a bride should look like the most beautiful version of herself as opposed to someone else’s idea of what she should look like. Not only a gifted artist, Madge is a woman with a heart of gold. Armed with sheer talent and great personalities, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Make Up Studio would become a make-up empire in a few years. Here are some pictures of my Madge Brides and Madge-at-work. (Photos courtesy of Mimi and Karl.)
Weng and Luzel looked their loveliest during their respective weddings - thanks to the "Madjician".
Madge doing what she does best - enhancing the natural beauty of the bride.
To be continued…


Jason Magbanua said...

I am much honored with the mention :)


Aileen Apolo said...

Sa wakas! Nahagilap din kita!

madge said...

What more can i say? Thank you for the trust... Its my pleasure working with you=)

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