Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boracay Bliss

For many sojourners, Boracay is bliss – the famous sunset, its pristine, powdery white sand, the busy nightlife, and for something else. But for me, this island goes beyond its sheer physicality, and weaves its magic on what is spiritual and emotional in people in love.

Last March 7, I took a quick break from my busy world of events planning and headed to Boracay together with O, my significant other for almost two years now. I was looking forward to have an out-of-town trip and spend some quality time with him since he is not based in the Philippines. Not only that, I was also excited to introduce him to my wedding suppliers/friends who were in Boracay that same weekend.

I wanted to make this trip memorable for O so I requested Mimi and Karl to take our photos (a la prenuptial pictorials). Madge and Steve gamely assisted in the photo shoot. Usually, I attend the prenuptial pictorials of my soon-to-wed couples and I always wonder why they have a hard time posing in front of the camera. I now have a firsthand experience of what they go through. Nevertheless, Mimi and Karl made everything a breeze. Believe me, we were not the easiest subjects to photograph. Steve’s and Madge’s crazy antics ably made us loosen up completely. The pictures came out great – surely, the patience and team effort of Mimi, Karl, Steve and Madge paid off.

O and I decided to treat everyone for dinner and some drinks. Joy, who was also in Boracay, joined us. O excused himself and went back to the room. Right on cue, I was caught in a frenzy when a black box appeared in front of me from behind. Inside the box was an exquisite watch which I had set my eyes on for the longest time. Instantaneously, I heard shrieks, ooh’s and ahh’s from everyone in our table. Madge, who was seated to my immediate right, hugged me and cried with me. The scene resembled a wedding proposal. I was speechless. It was one of the few times when I showed my vulnerability.

To Madge, Steve, Mimi, Karl, and Joy – my sincerest thanks for making our Boracay trip “fashionably” memorable.

Tell me, is there anything more wonderful than to have a great vacation in Boracay in the company of an amazing person actualizing one of life’s awesome moments with you, and some dear friends sharing and rejoicing in your happiness?

Steve and Madge styled the shoot.
Madge and I in an "artistic" shot =)
More shots with O.
(As much as I want to share a frontal picture of O, I could not, for he requested me not to post his pictures in this blog. All photographs taken by Mimi and Karl.)


yenguccia said...

wow!! nice photos! everyone needs a break from all life's routine and daily stress, you deserve it! just enjoy and have fun...not too much ok? see you soon...you look very happy I am glad!!
God bless,

Kris and Joqs said...

perfect setting, perfect company, what else can you ask for? :) i love your pictures wish we could have great ones as well when our turn comes. all the best ernest and i'll see you soon!

mimi said...

last pic... i like! :) you look sooo happy ;) and even more nung gabi bwahahaha. utang ko pa pala yung pics doon hehe

Anonymous said...

hay super inlove ang friend ko! i'm so happy for you at talagang tinalbugan mo ang pre-nup pics ko!

- dadang

Anonymous said...

hey hey sweetness! happiness can be seen not just by looking at the photos (which, i have to say are amazing) but with the smile on your face.

wish you all the best my dear friend!

btw, i should see that watch soon! =)


Anonymous said...

Ernest - These are great pics Of yOu and yOur O. hOpefully sOmeday sOOn, yOu can pay O & Other NYers a visit.

Thanks again fOr everything yOu did fOr us. hOw great the last twO years have been.

anOnymOus (NY)

cheksmd said...

Hey friend! you look great! Miss you na! Hope to see you guys soon and personally meet Mr. O. Mwah!!! Take Care!

- MeAnn

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