Monday, April 28, 2008

A Taste in Photography

Back in college, photography was my Waterloo among my production courses. I had graphic design, videography and even copy writing but I lost interest in photography. (For this, I blame my instructor who was always picking on me. The last time I heard about him, he had shifted to directing movies which sadly didn’t do well at the box office. He, he, he, he.) From taking photographs to actually developing the film and printing the shots, I could not even remember how many pairs of jeans I soiled mostly from the chemicals used in printing the pictures. This and other episodes made my college life a bit miserable but super memorable.

During the prenuptial sessions of my May 2008 couples, photographers Dino Lara and Ghie Javelosa allowed me to take some photographs.

Jonathan and Hannah chose the Philippine Parks and Wild Life as location for their prenuptial pictorial. It was less than thirty minutes away from The Make Up Studio where Hannah had her trial make-up with Aaron Lejadre. We scouted for nice spots inside the park. Here are the sample shots. I took a lot of candid shots of which Dino was quick to say, “You are a better photographer than a coordinator.” Of course, he was joking.

Enzo and Yeng, on the other hand, had their prenup pictorial at Puerto Real in Intramuros. It was a hot and humid afternoon but the couple gamely posed at the historic Intramuros. It was my first time at Puerto Real which I found to be a nice location for pictorials. However, one has to go thru the hassle of writing the Intramuros Administration for a permit to use the place for pictorials. A P2,000 fee must be paid before one can start clicking the camera. But the place has plenty of potential areas for pictorials. Various setups or layouts can be creatively done. Here are some of my shots.


dadang said...

Grabe busy-busy ka naman. Ask Di-Ann's husband to be na i-free ang Intramuros c/o the Mayor's office! : )

- dadang

Anonymous said...

i think mr. dino lara is right, you click great shots! you have the knack, my dear! =) keep clicking! =) -sabs

Pagan said...

I would have to agree with Dino have the eye for taking great photos. I especially like the last one. Nice shots, Ernest! Don't forget your promise to take photos of my own wedding if you're not too busy in December okay? :o)


Anonymous said...

dear ernest, belated happy birthday! boun compleanno!! wish you a happy year and more events to come!! made me believe you're 25 ..ikaw huh!!
lovely blog!! you could also become a good writer you know..did you blow some candles and did you make a wish ?
warm regards to your wonderful staff and to aaron!!
yeng and enzo

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