Monday, June 16, 2008

What is a prenup pictorial for?

Some couples have asked me what a prenuptial photo shoot is for. Firstly, this pictorial enables the photographer to know the couple before the wedding—particularly as far as their limitations and best angles in terms of poses are concerned—and basically to build rapport with them.

Secondly, there are many uses for the prenuptial photos. For one, they can be incorporated in a novel guestbook which affords guests the chance and space to leave messages for the newlyweds. Beautifully laid out, the guestbook comes in a book form which can easily be stored. It is a far cry from a traditional one which simply serves as a registry book.

Here’s a sample of a guestbook I personally laid out for Mandy and Janelle Real. To create a distressed look for the photos, I deliberately manipulated the colors—saturating them and adding a few brushes through Photoshop. The photos were wonderfully captured by master photographer, Dino Lara. Make-up was done by Jesi Alto by The Make Up Studio Team and hair was done by Steve Pagsanjan. Venue was the sprawling residence of Jona Atotubo.

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Mandy and Janelle said...

This was the guestbook that guests didnt want to ruin by writing on it. That's how fabulous it was! Thanks for making us a guestbook that's for keeps! :)

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