Thursday, April 30, 2009

Overseas Couples Redux

As if it was déjà vu, April proved to be another frenetic month for me–-not for weddings, but for meetings with overseas couples. I met with eight engaged couples (all in less than three weeks) and it was a thrill interacting with them during the customary ocular inspection, food-tasting session, and cordial discussions with their chosen suppliers. Truly, the energy, excitement, and fun were endless.

Couple # 1 – Brenson and Myles. Both Brenson and Myles are based in Japan. They will get married January next year at Punta Fuego in Batangas. At the helm, Myles is bent on having sunset colors for her motif. Kaye Cunanan was tasked to whip up a sumptuous feast for 150 family members and close friends of the couple. Jason Magbanua plus the husband-and-wife team of Mimi and Karl will be in charge of videography and photography, respectively. The latter found a perfect spot inside Punta Fuego for the Christian ceremony--not the beach front though. The location is top secret for now but let us just say that the site is a sight to behold.Couple # 2 – Roger and April. Both Roger and April are doctors based in the States. Roger is already a resident physician while April will begin her residency program in July. She e-mailed me while I was in New York, and we decided to meet up in Manila to finalize her wedding plans. Working with her was a breeze–-she exactly knew what she wanted, and we were lucky to have her cool, doting mom to help us out in the preparations. Roger and April’s wedding is set in Tagaytay. Jason Magbanua and Pat Dy will do the videography and photography, respectively. Veluz Reyes will prove once more why she ranks among the favorite couturiers of brides. Couple # 3 – Romeo and Jen. Both Romeo and Jen are based in the United Kingdom. Having been together for a long while now, the couple has decided to tie the knot in April next year. Kaye Cunanan, Aaron Lejarde and Veluz Reyes top their list of suppliers. We managed to maximize the couple’s brief stay in Manila by finalizing almost all of their wedding requirements before they headed back to the UK. The food tasting in Kaye’s residence was definitely several notches above satisfying. Her bright food ideas always attest to her enviable status as one of the most sought-after caterers in town. Aaron transformed Jen to a lovely bride which prompted her to say, “I never thought I could be this beautiful.” Meanwhile, Veluz’s vision for the bride made Jen giddy with happiness. Couple # 4 – Jasper and Karen. Jasper and Karen are both doctors based in the States. I met them in New York, thanks to Mimi and Karl who recommended the very soon-to-wed couple to me. The first meeting was very casual–-I remember I didn’t have a proposal to show them. What were the odds of having a successful client meeting while on a vacation, right? (I’m not complaining, okay? I think this is way beyond coolness – booking a wedding while on a vacation.) Threelogy Video, Veluz Reyes, Madge Lejano, and of course, Mimi and Karl are part of their dream team. It rained hard during the photo shoot at a new resort in Angono, Rizal, but there was nary a whine or whimper from the couple. I love this couple to death. They’re one of the easiest people to please and work with.

Couple # 5 – Mike and Ysabel. A few weeks from now, Mike and Sabs will say their wedding vows. Jason Magbanua, Pat Dy, Rajo Laurel and Madge Lejano will help me make this couple’s dream wedding a reality. Surely, this young couple will have the time of their lives come their wedding day. This will also be my first time to work with Audrey of Bizu who’s doing the full catering for the occasion. I couldn’t stop talking about how accommodating she is with our countless requests. Couple # 6 – Jeff and Kathleen. Kathleen is a flight attendant for Qatar Airways while Jeff manages his own business in Manila. They were recommended to me by my brother. We are concocting a wonderful night of fun, festivity, and good music for this young couple, as well as for their more than a hundred guests. Madge Lejano will prettify the already gorgeous Kathleen. Bob Nicolas will do the video. Eagerly anticipated are the avant-garde bridal gown and cutting edge suit designed by Puey Quinones for the couple. When Kathleen flies back to Manila in time for the wedding, Oly Ruiz will be ready to do a prenup shoot which promises to be another kick-ass e-session.Couple # 7 – Mark and Rica. Mark works in United Kingdom while Rica is a Manila-based marketing executive. All systems go for their Tagaytay wedding in June. When Mark returns home in May, the couple will have their prenups with Paul Vincent with whom I will work for the first time. Teddy will spruce up Sonya’s Garden with his eco-chic floral arrangements. Completing Mark and Rica’s suppliers are Threelogy Video, Niko Hernandez and Veluz Reyes.Couple # 8 – John and Heidi. It’s crunch time for John and Heidi who will get married in a few days. John is a physical therapist while Heidi is a doctor practicing family medicine in Illinois. Mimi and Karl will take photos of the wedding while Oly Ruiz is in charge of the postnups. Jason Magbanua will document the wedding on video. Heidi will don a Veluz Reyes creation. Jing Tanada will transform the Rigodon Ballroom of The Peninsula Manila into an ocean of pink and magenta flowers. Finally, guests should look forward to the yummy cake of Alex Franco.


Madge Lejano said...

try mo mag meeting kaya... try mo lang=)

veluz said...

ayaw mo mang-pressure.
ayaw mo talaga.. :-)

Jen Gonzales-Esteban said...

Wow ernest! never thought you do have lots of commitments and meetings last april! but it doesn't show that you are tired or something.=) super duper diva coordinator in every way! next year is not too long, see u then!

metrophoto said...

good thing I did Jeff and Barts e-session before reading this. Ayoko nga mapressure. hahaha! =)

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