Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Real Weddings: Romance is in the Air

Ricardo Pedrosa-Elena Belmonte
Madre De Dios
Tagaytay Midlands

Elena and Ric’s wedding was enchanting, captivating, and romantic.
Imagine how much pressure this wedding had generated earlier when this client couple finally chose me to be a part of their milestone. “We have great news for you, Ernest,” the groom-to-be said. “We have decided that you’d be our wedding coordinator because we believe that you are a man of style.” Gulp! I almost choked in fear – tremendous pressure, indeed.

Elena Belmonte had thought of only one distinctive look for her wedding to Ric Pedrosa: modern romantic. As luck would have it, the couple found the ideal sites that would reflect what they had in mind after several changes in the ceremony and reception venues. The final choice was Madre De Dios and Tagaytay Midlands where acres of lush greenery and the cool Tagaytay weather were perfect.

Elena dressed up at the Tagaytay Country Suites, and rode in a Jaguar Mark V which brought her to the chapel.

Florist and event stylist Jing Tanada spruced up the quaint chapel with white roses bundled together and tied around each pew. She covered the red carpet with white cloth and loose white rose petals. The bride didn’t want too many decorative touches clashing with and overwhelming the simplicity and natural beauty of the chapel.
Elena was a picture of authentic elegance. She was proverbially a sight to behold in her off-white illusion tulle Patrice Ramos-Diaz creation. Her wedding gown was accentuated by lace, floral appliqués, and three-dimensional fabric cutouts. In addition, it was punctuated by sparkling, strategically placed crystals.

The bride originally wanted white peonies for her bridal bouquet. Unfortunately, the flowers didn’t make it in time for the occasion. Jing made two equally gorgeous bouquets for her – one, a bundle of white hyacinths; the other, a cluster of Ecuadorian roses. Both were tied with silk ribbons. The groom also had two boutonnieres to match the bride’s bouquets as later, Elena astutely opted for the Ecuadorian roses as her church bouquet, and for the hyacinths as her reception bouquet.

The reception was simply breathtaking – with ambient lighting, crystal beads, and fabric draping from the ceiling, the perimeter added to the romantic vibes.
Each floral arrangement was a work of art. Kudos to Jing Tanada who made certain that Elena got her wish. Truly, romance was brimming all over the place. Each table had antique copper votive candleholders and handmade crystal napkin holders. The names of the guests seated in the presidential table were laid out in handmade place card holders. In fonts used for the invitation and the misalette, the names were printed on off-white board and then pasted on top of a bronze board with hand-embossed details. Shortly before the newlyweds entered the reception hall, Crystal, the evening show host, spearheaded a fun, moving-around ice-breaker. It made every one to loosen up a bit, and created a relaxed and festive mood for the occasion. The menu for the sit-down dinner consisted of Arugula with Basil Vinaigrette, and Cherry Tomatoes & Pine Nuts topped with Warm Goat Cheese & drizzled with Highlands Honey; Cream of Mushroom Cappucchino & Brandied Prawn Bisque served with Bread Rolls with Sweet Butter in demitasse; Lemon Sherbet with Russian Vodka (garnished with Mint leaves); US Beef Tenderloin Medallion with (more) Gongonzola Sauce; and pan-seared Lapu-Lapu with Potato Gratin. Immediately after, the couple presented an unexpected but leisurely change of gustatory pace – a dessert buffet from Bizu in time for the cake-cutting ceremony. The cake with tiny flowers was also from Bizu.
Each table had cards card on which the couple’s party rules were inscribed:
1. No calorie counting
2. Curfews not honored here.
3. Talk to somebody you don't know.
4. Indulge yourself with the yummy desserts.
5. Approach Ric and Elena anytime.
6. Enjoy a nightcap of alcoholic beverage.
7. Party hard and have fun!

The card also contained a poetic stanza that exhorted guests to:
“Dance as though no one is watching you
Love as though you have never been hurt before
Sing as though no one can hear you
Live as though heaven is on earth”
The night ended with a visibly overjoyed groom singing his heart out with the band, NATF, singing the couple’s favorite songs.
Lastly, I could not forget how the couple thanked me profusely in their speech: “To Ernest, our wedding coordinator, who has given us so much help, and who has likewise put up with our constant need for assurance… You are the best. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for everything, and especially your good humor, which has helped lighten the preparation for this occasion.”

Watch Threelogy's Onsite Video here. All photos courtesy of Mimi and Karl.


judy g said...

Such an elegant wedding! :)

Katrina said...

Ditto! Love the modern romantic feel. So many pretty details. - Katrina 4.4.10

kimmy said...

beautiful..just beautiful... sheer genius!

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