Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Second Chance

It was my second time to be interviewed for my U.S. visa application. This time around, I was doubly nervous. Though I had no expectation, and had psyched myself up for whatever outcome, the thought of being denied again a U.S. visa was eating me up. The entire process – from the submission of the passport and forms at the pavilion to the actual waiting for my number to be called for the actual interview and the interview proper – was whirling in my head. My heart was beating fast. I was thinking – I would rather do weddings than undergo such high anxiety. (Really, I would prefer planning a wedding than being interviewed by the consul.)

And then my turn came. Window no. 3. A young lady, probably in her mid-20's interviewed me. Unlike the first time, no papers were asked from me – no bank statements, no land titles, no nothing. I answered her questions about my work as truthfully as I could. After a few more questions, she went back to her database and found out I was interviewed last July. This time, I thought that my chances of getting approved were getting slimmer. Then nonchalantly, she told me, "I find no reason why you were denied the first time." I answered simply, "Same here. I also don't know why." At this point, I got a glimpse of the interviewer-consul through the next window. And there he was – the same consul who interviewed me the first time. I just wanted to blurt out to the lady consul, "Ask him why I was denied." Good thing, I stopped short of saying that line. After a few more tinkering with her database, she smiled and said, "You can now visit the U.S. I am giving you a B1/B2 visa." I couldn't contain my happiness. I wanted to kiss the lady consul. After mustering enough guts, I asked her what type of visa she was giving me. And she said cheerfully, "10 years multiple entry visa." I left the window beaming from ear to ear.

I plan to visit the U.S. in February 2009 for a maximum of three weeks. After that, I need to fly back to Manila because I have wedding commitments in March.

For those who prayed for me and with me so that my visa would be granted, thank you so much.


Dadang said...

Pasalubong!!!!! I'm glad you'll have the chance to visit your special someone! Do I hear wedding bells? Miss you. See ya soon!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ernest! We're so happy for you!
New York, New York, watch out for Ernest! - janelle and mandy

Ernest said...

Dadang, oh yeah! I can't wait to see my significant other. Will be in NY in time for his birthday =)

Janelle and Mandy, I know that you have been praying for me - visa matters and otherwise.


judy g said...

Yipeedoo!! Well, someone was told me "Good things come to good people." ;o)

I know your agenda is in the east coast, but you are welcome here in KS. My neighbors, Dorothy & Toto, will be thrilled to meet you! hehe

If not, can we crash the birthday party in NY? :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ernest! I check your blog once in a while and I'm super glad to read that you are visiting NY next year. Make sure we meet up okay? Email me at my gmail so we can get in touch - Lynn & Lex

Ernest said...

Lynn and Lex, you are in my list of people to meet when I visit New York next year. I am uber excited to see you guys. It would be nice if I could gather all my couples based in New York and New Jersey area. =) Will shoot you an email once I have my plans mapped out.

Pagan said...

I'm sooooo happy for you, Goddess!!! This is wonderful news :o) Enjoy your trip.

kris said...

yeyyyy! 2nd time's a charm! great news and finally a vacation you truly truly deserve :)

Joelene said...

I can't wait for you to come to Orange County, CA. I'm super near your relatives and Disneyland, the happiest (read: gayest), place on earth! Disneyland, In-N-Out Burger and Rodeo Drive awaits you!

Ernest said...

Pagan, i know that you are one of those who prayed for and with me. Thank you. See you on your wedding. Can't wait to have a gastronomic feast. =)

Kris, can't wait to finish all my commitments so I can have a vacation - and be back for more inspiration to share with future brides. =)

Joelene, I can't be more than excited to be toured by client/friends. =) Payback time. Bwahahaha! =)

sabs said...

congratulations!!! I know you've been wantng this for a long time already...God is really good! =D

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