Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New York! New York!

After mounting 8 splendid January weddings and 7 unforgettable December weddings, it is imperative that I unwind, re-energize, and attend to the affairs of my heart. I will leave for New York tomorrow, and will be back first week of March. Clients and would-be clients can reach me thru e-mail info@eventseventstm.com. Truly, this trip promises to be an exciting, awesome one. Not only will I hunt for fresh and innovative wedding ideas Stateside, but will also spend thrilling and quality time with my O.


judy g said...

E!!! I'm sooooo kilig and overly excited for you. Enjoy ha! No time for jet lags :D Miss so so much!!!

Kat said...

Hi Ernest,
I've sent you an e-mail to the address you've provided in this entry to inquire about your services.
Good luck in the US and God bless.
Regards, Kat :)

mimi said...

bOn vOyage!!! ingat ernestO and enjOy!!!

(gets mo ang aking mga letter O? haha)

Pagan said...

Goddess, this does NOT count as a post! It's too short! In any case, I'm happy you'll finally get to go on your well-deserved vacay. I'll be missing you mucho!!! Text me when you get back. Mwah!

Ernest said...

Judy, ako, kinikilig sa sarili ko. I'm excited. Sorry, super excited!

Kat, I will respond to your email in a bit.

Mimi - yes, na-gets ko ang "O" mo. Hehehehe

Pagan - Oh, Pagan! Yes, this is not a post! I know. I've to go back to blogging. I miss writing about my beautiful weddings. I miss you too. =)

Anonymous said...

This has been a long awaited trip!! I am sure you will have a great time with your O! just one more question... is it a letter or a number? ehhehe..take care! hugs:) -yeng

madge said...

grabeh!!! i super missssssss you na! post ka ng pics!!!

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