Thursday, May 22, 2008

Playing Favorites (Part 2)

Here’s the second part of the “controversial” list of our favorites. =)

Jong Mesina and Ghia Pastoral of The Write Impression (Invitations). Business partners Jong and Ghia of The Write Impression attend to their clients with such passion and sincerity reflected in the wedding stationery they produce. Their impeccable taste, together with their unmatched personalized service, keeps everything on track during a tight schedule. Both Jong and Ghia are exceptionally talented, organized and professional. Being a graphic designer myself, the entire experience of working with them is always a pleasure.
Click here for our feature on TWI's unique invitations.

Pastry Bin (Cake). Penk Ching’s sugar confections are exquisite works of art—lovely to look at and delightful to the taste buds. She never fails to surprise everyone with her creations. Though her cakes have graced the halls of Malacañang and the parties of Manila’s well-heeled group, she remains humble and unassuming, with her feet firmly planted on the ground. Her cakes have also been shipped to various localities in the Philippines as well as Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore. She travels the world to find inspiration for her creations. Her published book, Caked in Sugar was a compendium of the best cakes she has done over the years.

Parrish Espiritu-Carlos (Couturier). A gem waiting to be discovered, this architect-turned-designer from the South designs and executes exquisite bridal gowns and clothes—variously chic, glamorous, sophisticated, or classic. His quaint and inviting boutique-home is a refreshing departure from the usually intimidating bridal salons. Using only the best fabrics available, Parrish infuses simple cuts with eye-catching details reflective of the wearer’s personality. Brides are in awe once they see their bridal gowns for the first time. Samples of his fine clothes are found here.

Veluz Reyes (Couturier). The name says it all. Veluz being awarded as the Weddings at Work’s Supplier of 2005 is more than well deserved. All my Veluz brides can attest to the perfect fit that she is known for. Matched with great personality, this fine lady is a real trooper at heart. Wedding suppliers should learn from Veluz what customer care truly is. Together with his right hand wo/man, Niko, she creates a bridal ensemble which is not only drool-worthy but something which fits the wearer to a tee.

Cristina “Tetta” Canada (Emcee). Cristina, more popularly known as “Tetta News” (now with 103.5 Max FM), is a fantastic host. With more than a hundred events under her belt—from weddings to corporate parties—Tetta does a marvelous job with her articulateness and elan. Since the reception takes up a large chunk of the wedding celebration, it is important to have a great host. Definitely, Tetta is one emcee who is bubbly but not loud. She injects witty one-liners without sounding offensive. Indeed, Tetta is a rare specimen in the hosting/emceeing profession. Click here for Tetta's wedding pictures captured by Mimi and Karl.

Gina Galang of Royal Flower Shoppe (Florist). Gina Galang and her creative team headed by Myke Mayores provide wonderful floralscapes which transport you to a different world. Using various local and imported flora and fauna, they create the perfect ambience for your once-in-a-lifetime event. Be prepared to be fascinated by a myriad of colors, forms and fragrances. Royal Flower Shoppe offers an affordable solution for avant-garde, beautiful and creative wedding flowers with designs tailored to match the clients’ personal taste and style.

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