Monday, May 12, 2008

Juicy at 32

32nd Birthday Party
Red Box, Greenbelt

Always the unsuspecting subject (or should I say victim?) of many covert plots in the past, I again fell “prey” to a surprise get-together recently. Specifically, the gathering was my birthday asalto organized by friends where I appeared emotionally vulnerable once more.

It all started when Madge Lejano asked me to drop by Red Box to pick her up as we were scheduled to watch a movie. Supposedly, she was in a pre-production meeting with a client and some friends from Davao who wanted to see what the place could offer. When the doors were opened, I heard shrieks of “Happy Birthday” from dear, familiar people. They were there to celebrate with me and I was touched deeply and became quickly teary-eyed.

The venue for my birthday asalto was exactly the place I wished for. Earlier, I told Madge about having my birthday party at Red Box with friends from the wedding industry. My plan was virtually realized. Everyone (well, almost everyone) was in pink. Madge’s angels reigned on the stage as they upstaged each other with their singing prowess—Jesy, Aaron, Joel, Felicity and Steve. Thank you, Maan, Dondon and Erron for joining in the celebration.

My staff from Events! Events!Brian, JB, Jona and Joy—were also present. Top photographer-friends Mimi Abesamis and Karl de Leon ma­de the night extra memorable. (Mimi, promise! I am touched. You know what I mean!). Jason Magbanua and Chinky Agregado came as well to enjoy the buffet and the bottomless drinks.

To Madge, my girlfriend, goes my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you very much for making me feel loved and important. I really had a blast!

Ernest with Madge and Mimi

Joelene, this one is for you! Dream Team: Mimi and Karl, Madge, Jason and myself

Ernest with Steve, Jona, Madge and Joy

Jason M. with Ernest, Jona and Joy of Events! Events!

The celebrant with Jason M. and Felicity. Jason, thank you for documenting the event =)

Ernest cutting the Mango Bravo Cake from Conti's

Ernest with Aaron, Steve and Joel (aka Ruby, Saphire and Emerald of "Pangarap na Bituin" fame)

The beauties of Punta Fuego wedding reunited: Jona, Ernest, Joy and Aaron

With Madge, Jesy, Karl and Mimi

Jona, Joy, Ernest with Madge

Joy and Chinky shared the limelight

Who's drunk? =)

JB and Brian of Events! Events! singing "Unwell"

With my girls - Joy and Madge

Madge + Steve and Jesy + Erron

Ric Segreto (este, Madge) belting it out.

Not to be outdone was Felicity.

Chinky, Mimi and Karl enjoying the night.

Alocholics unite! Having fun at the "performances"

The mastermind - Madge! Thank you, my dear friend!


Jesy Alto said...

Happy that your happy Ernest dear!!!!:D we love yah!!!!

Jason Magbanua said...

Happy Birthday my gay happy friend!

Luzel & Gary said...

To E -- our super duper coordinator -- happy juicy birthday!!!! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time ah. The 2nd pic felt like deja vu, heh heh.


metrophoto said...

wow... that sure was fun!

happy birthday ernest ;)

madge said...

To Madge, my girlfriend, goes my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you very much for making me feel loved and important. I really had a blast! -----AHHHWWWWW NAIYAK AKO!
oh well,isa na lang ang kulang, how i wish i have the power to let him fly to be with us. love you ernest!

Ernest said...

Jesy, I really had a great time! I didn't know you sing so well. =)

Jason, thanks for the pictures again.

Luzel and Gary, thanks for the kind words. I've gotten a lot of inquiries about your wedding. Sadly, only a few put premium on getting a good coordinator. =) Hehehehe! And yes, it was deja vu. Now, I am kicking myself for I don't have a decent picture with you in your wedding.

Oly, yes! It was really fun! Madge would have invited you if you were here. =)

Madge, thank you again for organizing the whole shebang for me! I am really touched by this. Just the thought alone makes me shiver 'til now.

sabs said...

wow looked like one helluva party!!! who's who of the wedding industry..naks! it obviously was a happy birthday for you and you deserve it naman..God bless! =) -sabs

Joelene said...

Hey Ernest! Thanks for posting a shoutout and a picture of my wedding dream team! I'm so excited to work with all of you.

Ernest said...

Sabs, yes, I really had so much fun! See you in June!

Joelene, everyone is excited to kick some a** in your wedding. I am putting a lot of pressure on myself (and the team) to make your wedding a truly memorable one. =) See you soon!

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