Sunday, May 11, 2008

Real Weddings: An Intimate Seaside Nuptials

Enzo Demarino-Yeng Rodriguez
Terrazas de Punta Fuego

With the sun shining, the flowers in place, and the sumptuous food ready, May 2 turned out to be the perfect day for Enzo and Yeng’s wedding in charming Terrazas de Punta Fuego. Attended by 60 of their closest friends and family members, the nuptials was intimate, yet full of joy and gaiety—the way the couple wanted it to be.

Yeng with her daughter Kezia, one of the matrons of honor

Yeng and Enzo with Kezia's husband, Erick and Kezia's daughter, Sabina

The wedding invitations provided a glimpse of what was in store for the guests. Initially, the couple planned to use a monogram for the invites and the stationery but they later saw an image of a shell, a perfect and unique icon for a wedding by the sea. The shell popped up on the misalettes, place cards, menu cards, favors, and of course, the invitations.

The invitation had an Italian wording (lower right) and an English version (upper left)

Although guests walked away with tons of goodies—light blue and crisp white progragrams, native anahaw fans, blue and white flip flops, white umbrellas—more than what their hands could hold, the newly weds’ favorite was the handpainted ceramic bells handcrafted by Enzo’s cousin and which they hand-carried on their trip from Italy to Manila.

Bright colored silk flowers adorned native anahaw fans to beat the summer heat.

Blue and White flipflops were part of the giveaways.

The wedding color was reflected in the female entourage members who were all stunning in their identical aqua blue cocktail dresses by Drezzee. The male entourage completed the beach theme by donning khaki pants and white linen shirts.

Italians know how to have a great time!

Enzo and Yeng wanted the ceremony to be solemn at best with the guests just gathered around the beach. A special banig carpeted the aisle where the entourage passed. Yeng was dolled up by Aaron Lejarde of The Make-up Studio. She exemplified the day’s simple elegance by wearing an unostentatious gown by Parrish Espirtu Carlos which featured intricate beadwork using Japanese beads and Swarovski crystals. An unassuming bouquet of white flowers accentuated by a star-shaped, crystal–encrusted trinket completed Yeng’s bridal look.

Yeng's sun kissed look courtesy of Aaron of The Make Up Studio.

Our gift for the bride: crystal-encrusted starfish to accentuate the bridal bouquet.

Yeng was a vision of grace and beauty.

The ceremony took place on the beach at sunset as crystal blue waves lapped in the background. After a brief meditation led by their officiant, Pastor Ruth Billena of Elinwood Church of Malate, the couple recited the simple vows they have written to each other.

After the ceremony, the guests were ushered into the cocktail area where they enjoyed both the beautiful sunset and the cocktails. Meantime, the bride and the groom had their portraits taken by Ghie Javelosa of Studio A Photography.

The program started with an audio-visual presentation highlighted by the couple’s engagement session in Intramuros. This was followed by their upbeat first dance which set the tone for the night’s party.

Personalized programme cards for the guests.

Everyone feasted on the food prepared by Chef Mikel of Punta Fuego. He whipped up a choice array of scrumptious treats: noodles salad with sautéed shiitake mushrooms and shrimps, mini-vegetable spring rolls, crostini with tuna mousse and anchovies, royal consommé with a hint of almond, salad bar, biryani rice, buttered Chateau potatoes, oven-roasted eggplant parmigiana with cheese, fish fillet with white wine sauce and black caviar, roasted pork loin with spring pears and grilled tenderloin with mustard sauce. Also a smash hit was the dessert bar which offered mango crepes, fudge brownies, yoghurt bavaroise with cherries, and assorted native delicacies.

Yeng and Enzo ceremoniously sliced a three-tier, fondant wedding cake accentuated with exquisite pastel-colored seashells made entirely of icing—another lovely creation of Janet Madlangbayan of Recipes and Magic.

Heartwarming messages were delivered by Rita Gallo, (mom of Enzo), Pepe Restraino (friend of Enzo), Suzette Haith (sister of Yeng) and Tatay Dudo (uncle of Yeng).

Ariba Band provided the entertainment fare for the night which lasted till past midnight.

To Enzo and Yeng, may you continue to inspire people with your love story.


Anonymous said...

as always ang ganda ng wedding! syempre ikaw ang coordinator!

- dadang

Anonymous said...

hi there ernest!!we are back in Italy!!! thanks for this blog!! we are very grateful for this.We were very sure that you'd do a great job!! I am sure you will have more weddings to come..Good luck and God bless you!! kisses and hugs
yeng and enzo

Anonymous said...

yeng and enzo, an unforgettable wedding celebrations. i am very happy for you both !!!!

GOD builds His church with different stones, and makes each one belong;
All shapes and sizes fit in place,
to make the structure strong!

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success!!!

luv u!! carmengvnnwzan

Ernest said...

Dadang, I still owe you my blog about your gorgeous and fun wedding!

Yeng and Enzo, thank you so much for the trust and the patience from the initial planning stages until the wedding day! How I wish brides would pick a lesson or two from you - that "letting go" of the worries about the wedding would make them enjoy the day more. Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

dear ernest,
it's great to know we always learn something each day and each experience enriches oneself!! just love and laugh...God bless ya dear!!- it's us... your numero uno fan-yeng and enzo

Anonymous said...

This is the sister of yeng from Germany, who can't come for the wedding.But viewing this makes us a part of the event. Very professionally done. More power to you.vic2

Anonymous said...

This is the sister of yeng from Germany, who can't come for the wedding.But viewing this makes us a part of the event. Very professionally done. More power to you.vic2

mouserbabe said...

I love everything on your wedding day, great job and planning. God bless you both always.

Anonymous said...

it was indeed a beautiful wedding. great plan. congratulations.

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