Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Real Weddings: It’s All in the Details

Gary Felix-Luzel Lapid
Nuestra Señora de Gracia
Conservatory, The Peninsula Manila

This may be too late of a post but we could not resist blogging about the wedding of Luzel and Gary.

Just like most of our clients, Luzel and Gary planned their wedding many miles away from the Philippines. Thanks to modern communication technology―e-mail, yahoo messenger and vonage (voip)―planning a wedding even if the parties are an ocean apart is a breeze.

The details of the wedding were impeccable―and beautifully captured by Mimi and Karl.

Where do I start?

Letterpressed invitations. Notice the depth of the letters on the invitations? The first time Luzel handed our copy, I could not help but get the “feel” of the invitations. I easily became a convert to letterpressed invitations. Too bad, no local stationer could create the wonderful letterpressed invitations done in the States. She also asked an artist to do a rendition of the map going to the church and the reception. A labor of love by the couple, the entire invitation suite―from lining the invitations, embossing the belly band with their initials, and doing the calligraphy of the guests’ names―was assembled by Luzel herself.

Pesonalized Chocolates. These personalized chocolates doubled as place cards which not only contained the names of the guests but also indicated the table they would be seated at. Since the couple opted to label the tables with the names of various places, they thought it logical to explain in brief write-ups why the places became significant to them. The wrappers were consistent with the brown and wine red motif of the wedding. Program Cards. These program cards didn’t keep the guests in the dark as to the featured numbers. Although we didn’t put all the program details, they were an effective way to keep the guests from leaving the party. Again, the fonts used in the invitations and other printed materials were present in these program cards.
Menu Cards. For the principal sponsors and other guests who were served, menu cards were given. These cards also contained the names of the persons seated at the presidential table. Another sheet contained the wedding program. The round corners for each card were noticeable. The gold belly band embossed with the couple’s initials tied everything together―similar to the wedding invitations. Bottled Water. Still consistent with the vintage look of the wedding, the label contained a portion of the graphic which was used in the main invitation.

Food Labels. Nothing was spared from the wedding details. Even the food labels on the buffet tables were personalized and stamped with the couple’s initials.

Souvenirs. A set of stainless steel measuring spoons with inscriptions like, “a heap of love,” “a spoonful of affection,” “a dash of tenderness,” and “a pinch of joy” served as apt, unique, and one-of-a-kind giveaway. To boot, the bride gingerly cut out strips of paper, punched decorative holes, and personally wrote the names of the guests on them.

Initials on the Entourage’s Bouquets. Luzel surprised her entourage members with pendants in antique gold finish which were used to decorate their hand-held bouquets.

Misalettes and Memorial Candles. A special prayer for the departed fathers of Luzel and Gary were integrated in the misalette. Lighting memorial candles for both dads during the ceremony made the ceremony more solemn and personal.

Locket for the Bride’s Bouquet. Since Luzel wanted her departed dad to be part of her wedding, she placed a picture of her dad inside the locket that accentuated her bouquet of blush pink peonies.

Rosary, Coin Holder and Pen. Keping with the vintage look, Luzel purchased thru various Internet sites like e-bay such rare finds as the antique pen and jewelry box which was used to hold the arrhae.

Flowers for the Reception. Festooned with red roses, The Conservatory’s clean lines and intimate set-up was perfect! The gold and bronze table overlays were complemented by antique gold Tiffany chairs. Alternating high and low arrangements of 19 dozens of red roses in full bloom graced each guest table. More than 50 dozens of red roses were lined up creating a lush yet clean take for the couple’s table. Jing Tanada of Palamuti styled the event. Take note of the table numbers which were also handcrafted by the bride.

Headpiece. A beautiful heirloom brooch embellished the bride’s hairstyle for the church. During the reception, the bride used her personalized fascinator by Kelly Sperbeck. Cake. Simply put, the cake tasted as good as it looked. Following the all-red rose theme, the cake was the focal point of the reception hall. Right after the cake-cutting ritual, guests enjoyed wonderful servings of apple walnut and walnut caramel cake.

Unity Candle and Matches. Being the creative bride, Luzel used the personalized embosser to decorate the unity candle. The matches were also decorated with small cutouts of gold and bronze papers.

Vintage Car. What’s a vintage inspired wedding, without a vintage car? The couple rode a vintage Jaguar Mark II―sleek, clean and spacious.

Hair and Make Up. Madge, Felicity and Joel did a simple hair and make-up for Luzel. The hairstyle was clean and highlighted by an antique brooch nestled at the back. Having been sick for days before the wedding, Luzel was subjected to Madge’s instant remedies for tired-looking eyes―tea bag, cold water and a silver spoon. And they really worked like magic.

Gown. The bridal gown featured a hand-embroidered top sprinkled with pearl beads for high drama. The back portion of the gown featured a train of ruffled piña pinned by intricate silk flowers. The trumpet silhouette flattered the bride. Indeed, Luzel’s gown was another work of art by Veluz Reyes.

Click here, here and here for more of Luzel's gown photographed by Kix Tavora, Luzel and Gary's second photographer.

Onsite AVP. Again, the audio-visual presentation was another Jason Magbanua masterpiece. Set to the music of Hans Zimmer, the onsite centered on the wedding vows of Gary and Luzel―the solemnity of the ceremony and the simple elegance of the reception. Highlights of the AVP included the dramatic bridal entrance, the cracking of the bride’s and groom’s voices during the exchange of vows, and the first kiss.

My Publisher Guestbook. Luzel designed their guestbook using their U.S. engagements photos ordered online. Luzel and Gary gifted their moms with photo albums of the latters’ respective trips with the couple ordered thru My Publisher as well.

Up to this day, I get a lot of inquiries using Gary and Luzel’s wedding as benchmark. Luzel, I’m still cursing and kicking myself for not having a decent picture with you and Gary on your wedding day. But then again, I would have my time when I visit you guys. (Hopefully, soon! (*wink!)

Thank you for making us a part of your wonderful wedding.


Luzel (& Gary) said...


Dami pa kulang dito ah, hahaha. And uhm, didn't you say you will put us under your "Playing Favorites" series?

But seriously. Thank you for everything. I've said it before and I'd say it again, my wedding wouldn't have been the same without you. I was a pre-wedding psycho and you were unfazed with me.

And I agree, you should kick yourself for missing that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of having your pic with us, hahaha. I kid, I kid. No worries though, NY beckons...


eventseventstm.blogspot.com said...

Luzel and Gary,

I know. I know. I know. I should have asked M+K to take our photos even at the waiting room (before your grand entrance) but I was too busy taking care of your wedding details. Those were three balikabayan boxes - filled with wedding details. Hehehehehe! But I had the grandest time doing the details for your wedding - nakahanap ako ng katapat.

I have been telling my brides that a lot of the wedding details were done/sourced by you. You just asked me if this would look nice, if it is bagay with the theme and how would something be incorporated in the wedding.

Your wedding is in my list of favorites - obvious ba sa haba ng write-up and pictures to boot? =)

Again, thank you for the opportunity to have worked with you for your wedding...

See you soon! (I am banking on the marching band once I'm there - Calling Lex and Lynn, Myra and Neal, Jojo and Weng!)

weddings said...

It looks like a well plan wedding event, I like the theme very elegant and congratulations to the newly wed.

OC wedding caterers said...

The cards, programs, etc are to die for! Perfect wedding it is!

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