Monday, April 28, 2008

A Taste in Photography

Back in college, photography was my Waterloo among my production courses. I had graphic design, videography and even copy writing but I lost interest in photography. (For this, I blame my instructor who was always picking on me. The last time I heard about him, he had shifted to directing movies which sadly didn’t do well at the box office. He, he, he, he.) From taking photographs to actually developing the film and printing the shots, I could not even remember how many pairs of jeans I soiled mostly from the chemicals used in printing the pictures. This and other episodes made my college life a bit miserable but super memorable.

During the prenuptial sessions of my May 2008 couples, photographers Dino Lara and Ghie Javelosa allowed me to take some photographs.

Jonathan and Hannah chose the Philippine Parks and Wild Life as location for their prenuptial pictorial. It was less than thirty minutes away from The Make Up Studio where Hannah had her trial make-up with Aaron Lejadre. We scouted for nice spots inside the park. Here are the sample shots. I took a lot of candid shots of which Dino was quick to say, “You are a better photographer than a coordinator.” Of course, he was joking.

Enzo and Yeng, on the other hand, had their prenup pictorial at Puerto Real in Intramuros. It was a hot and humid afternoon but the couple gamely posed at the historic Intramuros. It was my first time at Puerto Real which I found to be a nice location for pictorials. However, one has to go thru the hassle of writing the Intramuros Administration for a permit to use the place for pictorials. A P2,000 fee must be paid before one can start clicking the camera. But the place has plenty of potential areas for pictorials. Various setups or layouts can be creatively done. Here are some of my shots.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Afternoon Session 001: The Write Impression

The Write Impression (TWI) started in 1999, right after Jong Mesina and Ghia Pastoral graduated from college. At that time, Ghia’s family was in the printing business but was engaged in the production of mostly corporate materials. At the same time, Ghia’s cousin, who happens to be a wedding designer was putting up a one-stop bridal store at The Peninsula Manila. Then, they took advantage of the opportunity, and TWI was born.

In designing bespoke invitations, this dynamic duo challenge each other to innovate and come up with designs which can be on a par with imported creations. Both take pride in pioneering custom design invitations using creative concepts and materials. Although both Jong and Ghia are involved in the design process, Jong takes care of marketing while Ghia handles production.

Being exposed to things beautiful, Jong and Ghia get excited when they are involved in a couple’s wedding preparations. They, too, enjoy the perks of being in this industry—traveling and going out of town for location shoots for different magazines and publications. And since TWI does custom designed invitations, both are very hands-on. Whenever possible, they meet clients individually to get to know them, particularly their taste, style and ideas for the wedding.

Asked what aspect of their job they like best, they are quick to reply that it pleases them to make new friends. Inasmuch as their business is very personal, many of TWI’s past clients have become their friends. Moreover, the wonderful people and the work environment are the major reasons why Jong and Ghia enjoy their work.

On the other hand, both wish that their clients realize that it is not easy to produce an invitation. From designing to proofing, printing and assembly, TWI is meticulous to the last detail, and needs at least 3 to 4 months before the wedding to produce beautifully crafted bespoke invitations.

TWI takes pride in their invitations which are exported to the US and Europe. They do not only cater to Filipinos abroad but also to foreign clients who believe in the creativity of the Filipinos.

The self-confessed travel buddies get their inspiration from any artful creation, either from a magazine, a movie poster, a store's interiors, a dress, a product's packaging, even from a Starbucks brochure. On a lighter note, Jong can’t travel without her camera and cellphone, while Ghia makes sure she has a good book to read and her Dr. Hauschka lip balm. Both love shopping – Zara, Tyler, H&M and Kate’s Paperie and Strands Bookstore are but some of their favorite places to shop.

The most popular color combinations for wedding invitations are plum with gold or silver, turquoise with brown, chocolate brown with blue, pink or sage, champagne or taupe with pink or sage. Meanwhile, the most popular themes are oriental and vintage.

Both Jong and Ghia are kind enough to share with us some of their representative works from recent memory. Go ahead and enjoy these deliciously crafted bespoke invitations.

1. A most elegant way to invite guests to your modern vintage thematic wedding, this invitation features a dark colored portfolio highlighted by Swarovski-encrusted initials of the bride and the groom. This invitation set also introduces time-tested hand calligraphy to add a more personalized touch.

2. This hard board portfolio wrapped in chocolate brown Thai silk makes a dramatic statement. The green band, also in Thai silk, resembles an obi sash complementing the Asian wedding theme. It features the monogram of the couple. A stylized cherry blossom printed on the main invitation becomes the focal point when the invitation is opened.

3. From the bold use of plum, orange and red coupled with lush blooms and elegant typography, this invitation suite stands out among the rest. The same pattern on the sash that holds the invitation together is printed on the main invitation. The use of a more neutral color for the text lends a degree of formality to the invitation set.

4. This invitation reflects what simple elegance is definitely all about. From the use of muted colors to the clean typography for the monogram and the text, this invitation speaks of a wedding in style. Moreover, it is highlighted by a single Swarovski crystal set strategically between the names of the bride and the groom.

5. Combining the subtle blues of the sea and the beautiful brown sand of Punta Fuego, this invitation is perfect for a beach-inspired wedding. Guests will be enticed to travel the distance by the depiction of the beach motif thru iconic representations of sea shells, lighthouses and palm trees. The invitation is held together by a translucent paper with sea shell prints, and is further enhanced
by a real sea shell tied with natural pulp.

6. A perfect invitation to convey the classical romance of the affair, this invitation features a delicious chocolate brown portfolio that carries three inserts—the directions, the response card and the reception details. Its brown textual typography blends with the formality of the event. The main invitation is further enriched by the clever use of fabric and layering of boards, thus, creating a unique twist to an otherwise traditional invitation.

7. All aspects of this invitation design take inspiration from the wedding theme—Spanish flair with a modern twist. The outstanding pattern lifted from old steel gates serves as the main element while the clean typography in dark hue set with decorative vintage framing makes this invitation effective. The classy and vibrant design, texture and color combine to make this invitation special and fun.

8. An iconic representation of the lace used on the bride’s gown is used as an envelope lining for this Filipiniana-inspired wedding invitation. The elegance of ecru board and black typography enhances the flair for a stylish affair. Rounded corners create a subtle yet dramatic impact on this wedding invitation.

9. Perfect for a Tuscan-inspired wedding, this invitation set features a graphic pattern of a vineyard. The plum colored typography matches the hard board placed under the main invitation. Corresponding inserts for the entourage and the location map complete­ the ensemble. A simple monogram done in plum placed on purple and gray ribbons adds interest to this invitation’s uniqueness.

Jong (extreme right) with Joy and Ernest of Events! Events!

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