Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Second Chance

It was my second time to be interviewed for my U.S. visa application. This time around, I was doubly nervous. Though I had no expectation, and had psyched myself up for whatever outcome, the thought of being denied again a U.S. visa was eating me up. The entire process – from the submission of the passport and forms at the pavilion to the actual waiting for my number to be called for the actual interview and the interview proper – was whirling in my head. My heart was beating fast. I was thinking – I would rather do weddings than undergo such high anxiety. (Really, I would prefer planning a wedding than being interviewed by the consul.)

And then my turn came. Window no. 3. A young lady, probably in her mid-20's interviewed me. Unlike the first time, no papers were asked from me – no bank statements, no land titles, no nothing. I answered her questions about my work as truthfully as I could. After a few more questions, she went back to her database and found out I was interviewed last July. This time, I thought that my chances of getting approved were getting slimmer. Then nonchalantly, she told me, "I find no reason why you were denied the first time." I answered simply, "Same here. I also don't know why." At this point, I got a glimpse of the interviewer-consul through the next window. And there he was – the same consul who interviewed me the first time. I just wanted to blurt out to the lady consul, "Ask him why I was denied." Good thing, I stopped short of saying that line. After a few more tinkering with her database, she smiled and said, "You can now visit the U.S. I am giving you a B1/B2 visa." I couldn't contain my happiness. I wanted to kiss the lady consul. After mustering enough guts, I asked her what type of visa she was giving me. And she said cheerfully, "10 years multiple entry visa." I left the window beaming from ear to ear.

I plan to visit the U.S. in February 2009 for a maximum of three weeks. After that, I need to fly back to Manila because I have wedding commitments in March.

For those who prayed for me and with me so that my visa would be granted, thank you so much.

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