Monday, March 30, 2009

Real Weddings: A Family Affair

Aldrich De Villa-Ada Atotubo
Don Bosco
Manila Polo Club

It has been quite sometime since my last blog. I was out of the country for some rest and recreation. And now, I am back.

My blogging of the beautiful weddings I have planned starts with the wedding of my cousin Ada Atotubo and Aldrich de Villa. Both were longtime boyfriend-girlfriend in high school. This explained why the prenuptial pictures were taken at Colegio de San Agustin—where it all began. Kudos to the couple’s wedding photographer, Oly Ruiz of Metro Photography, for capturing the beautiful images of the prenups as well as of the wedding day itself.

As part of their wedding motif, a custom monogram was made—stylized letter A (which stands for Aldrich and Ada) enveloped by a specially designed lace pattern.
The pattern, as expected, adorned all the printed materials from the invitations and the misalettes to the menu and escort cards. The same pattern was seen on the unity candle set and even the matches used during the nuptial mass. The bride got dressed at their Spanish-inspired casa in ParaƱaque. Madge Lejano of The Make Up Studio prettified Ada who stood out in a Parrish Espiritu Carlos bridal masterpiece of a gossamer gown in offwhite French Chantilly lace with tulled hemline. Ada’s female entourage wore custom flowy chiffon gowns in mango yellow also by Parrish. Each gown was accentuated with burnt orange and brown rope embellishments. The female principal sponsors were provided with more than sufficient clothing material which created a unified look in their fine apparel. The aisle of Don Bosco Church was lined with white floral arrangements tucked neatly on gold cone-shaped tin cans which were transferred promptly to the reception venue after the couple’s recessional. At the registration table, guests eagerly scoured through individually packed cracker nuts sealed with a decorated paper containing their seat assignments. The line, “Nuts About You,” (pun intended) was placed together with the escort cards. While waiting for the newlyweds to arrive, guests were treated to a musical extravaganza courtesy of Sound Salad. Shortly after, the couple made a grand entrance into the main dining hall of Manila Club festooned with monochromatic yellow flowers that enhanced the bronze damask table linens and champagne Tiffany chairs.
The bride personally designed the wish cards distributed during the dinner. Guests gamely answered questions printed on these wish cards: “Who made the first move? “Who has the final say in everything?” “Do you think it was love at first sight?” Napkin holders in yellow and amber tones personally handcrafted by the bride’s aunt, Gwen Garcia, added texture to the long presidential table. Warm, yellow light emanated from candle holders made by the bride from glittered ribbons, double-sided tape and regular drinking glass.

Since the couple were student sweethearts in CSA, they playfully named the guest tables “Nursery,” “Kinder,” Grade 1,” “Second Year,” and so on.The bride and groom cut one of the four satellite light butter cream cakes with caramel filling from Estrel’s Bakeshop. The cakes reflected the same lace pattern from the invitations. Cristina Canada-Lazo emceed the night’s programme which had fun games for the single men and women and was culminated with a special dance number by the newlyweds.Until the very end of the evening reception, Ada and Aldrich simply radiated with much and real honest-to-goodness happiness which, for me, is the most beautiful element of any wedding.

Me with Madge, Tetta and Oly

Me with designer, Parrish Espiritu-Carlos

Ada and Aldrich with the team from Events! Events!

My immediate family

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