Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Charmed Romance

Peter Tordesillas and Jeanne Fontelera
Chapel on the Hill

Every time I meet with potential clients, I get excited sharing with them how I can make their dream weddings come true. And meeting Peter and Jeanne for the initial consultation was no exception. I was so animated and immersed in showing them pictures of past weddings I have handled and giving them ideas and side notes that I lost track of time.

During the presentation, I had a feeling that the couple would be great to work with, simply because they listened attentively and genuinely appreciated the efforts I put into the different weddings. And when I got a call confirming that they were getting my services, I was truly overjoyed and my excitement was heightened.

The couple had a major concern though. Jeanne told me that her younger brother was getting married three months before her scheduled wedding. In all probability, most of his guests would also be her invitees and would attend her own wedding. Considering this fact, she wanted her wedding to be distinct from her brother’s. So after poring over workable themes, color combinations, and details that could make her wedding unique, the couple and I decided to use Spanish touches with plum and lime green as dominant colors.

For the nuptials, I created a graphic icon simulating the tiles found in Splendido. I incorporated baroque touches to further personalize the graphic. The result? The icon appeared so regal on the bespoke invitations I designed for the couple. We kept the invitation as formal and dignified as it could be; the only colors used for the invitation suite were gold and brown. The customized graphic was boldly printed in gold on metallic brown board, while the opening of the invitation followed the shape of the pattern. The gold on brown was simply elegant and beautiful. The portfolio had a circular seal with the words, “I do.” in gold stamping along with the wedding date. When I showed the invitation to Veluz, I got giddy when she exclaimed, “This is one of the most beautiful invitations I have seen. Ang lagay Ernest, hindi ako magpapatalo sa invitation.” (“The fact is, Ernest, I wouldn’t let the invitation overshadow me.”)I asked Sid Estrella of Amis Print for excess printouts of the invitations which I used to cover the boxes containing the souvenirs for the principal sponsors – a set of social cards and matching envelopes.Pictured here are the personal social cards of the newlyweds.Going back to Veluz, she created a long gown in illusion tulle with vintage Chantilly lace and organic beading accentuating the bodice and the layered lace at the center back hemline. Beadwork of cut beads, pearls, flat sequins and Swarovski crystals accentuated the lace. The trumpet-shaped skirt extended to a short chapel length train at the back which featured layers of hand-pleated tulle, thus creating a dreamy effect.White candles decorated with plum and green ribbons made more attractive by vintage gems were used as part of the unity candle set.A vintage brooch was used to accentuate the main unity candle.Even the matches were covered with lime green board, and adorned with violet organza ribbon and the same vintage gem. The candles offered during the mass were purchased from Regalong Pambahay. To match the look of the other candles, they were tied with violet organza ribbons, and the same vintage gems were glued on them.I supplied Niko a pair of crystal-encrusted earrings to embellish the ring and arrhae pillows. A crystal-and-copper bracelet was dismantled and used to beautify the pillows as well.Lovely shoes and bag from Niko as well. :DA jewelry box covered in plum damask pattern served as a container for the Bible. On a small frame as part of the box, the words, “I do” were written, again to be consistent with the invitation motif. White and green flowers by Gina Galang of Royal Flower Shoppe popped out of the plum-and- green gowns by Enan Almando. For the entourage members, Enan created gorgeous gowns of cut-out flowers cascading from the bodice.Jeanne carried a bouquet of white tulips – hand-tied with a silk ribbon and accentuated with pearl trimmings – to complement her gown. Once more, Madge’s flash of brilliance showed when she used her own necklace as the bride’s headpiece – to match the beaded detail on the bridal gown. (Notice the necklace worn by Madge during the make-up session with the bride; when Madge placed the necklace on the head of the bride; and, the wonderful outcome.)Peter was dapper in his Francis Libiran suit. Some people commented that he is a dead-ringer of Wendell Ramos, or a Jorros Gamboa’s double, as others would have it. But for me, he looks like Diether Ocampo. (Naks!)Here is Peter with his entourage – all in custom Francis Libiran suits. Lucky entourage, I say with envy. (I could only wish to wear a Libiran suit. Hint. Hint.)Both moms looked their best in exquisite gowns by Francis Libiran as well. I just love how their gowns blended with the color motif. And look at those gorgeous purple bouquets set against their teal gowns! The chapel was lined with white bouquets tied on the pews.I could still remember Jeanne’s mom during the dress-up. There was an intermingling of sadness and joy in her demeanor, but surely, she was enjoying every minute of it. Hence, during the emotional march, tears fell – not only from the mom and the bride -- but also from people who know how close the mother and the bride are.The missalettes carried the names of the bride and groom printed on parchment paper which covered a hard brown board with a gold print of the logo.I think tears welled up in everyone’s eyes when the bride and the groom said their deeply-felt and heart-tugging vows.Here are some portraits by Mimi and Karl of wedding guests having cocktails at the fountain area.Escort cards rendered in the thematic pattern, fonts, and colors – and using , to boot, the time-tested and ever-dependable Nestle’s KitKat -- directed guests to their seats.Sister-in-law of the bride and Zenzest owner, Michelle Asence-Fontellera, provided the ultra chic souvenirs – air diffusers in grapefruit scent. Packaged in nice lime green and plum boxes, these giveaways were a big hit with the guests.She also gifted the female entourage members with special baskets containing body lotion, room spray, and other similar items.The couple opted for predominantly white flowers for the reception with touches of brown and gold. Guest tables were decorated with white flowers and gold-painted bird cages. Printed table numbers were so useful in the guests’ seating arrangements.Custom-made linens covered the rectangular VIP tables at the reception area. Folded napkins held by beaded serviette rings as well as individual menu cards were placed on top of gold plate chargers.Place cards bearing the customized graphic were printed, too. The same graphic pattern, enlarged and printed on a 12” x 12” board, was used as additional table decor.A set of brown and plum candles was beautifully set on the couple’s table.Regular glasses covered with beaded lace were used as votive candle holders. These were placed on a half an inch-high box topper coated with gold glitters.Rolled purple napkins with plum and green organza ribbons were placed on top of the individual menu cards.Tents were set up for guests seated outside the covered area of Splendido. To jibe with the look of the inside dining area, the tents used white cloth accentuated with cascading beads and printed tile designs.Children (and there were a lot of them!) were handed special loot bags filled with treats like these adorably delectable cookies from Baba Ibazeta’s Classic Confections.Janet Madlangbayan of Recipes and Magic prepared three small cakes in lieu of just one three- layered cake. This novel idea is perfect for unconventional couples who want the cake to be served as part of the dessert buffet spread. Note how the three cakes look individually and collectively.The event was interspersed with heart-warming messages – plus a special song numbers from the father of the bride, sister of the groom and friends of the couple. The onsite AVP of Bob Nicolas was undeniably the highlight of the night. It was a visual delight. But it was Jeanne’s singing that made the strongest impact on everyone. Her heavenly voice enraptured the listeners. Nobody told me that Jeanne is a superb singer; I could have asked her to do more song numbers during the wedding.Postscript: Jeanne and Peter’s nuptials happened a day after the wedding of Candy and Patrick. When Jeanne learned that Candy commissioned Mimi and Karl to be back-up photographers, she (Jeanne) requested me to check if she could also get their services for her wedding. So, here you have these top-notch photographers, Dino Lara (as main) and Mimi and Karl (as back-up and to shoot my details). Needless to say, my details had to be artistic, distinct, and innovative. For this wedding, I gauged my performance with an exacting and demanding yardstick, and hopefully, I passed it with flying colors.

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Thank you, Mimi and Karl for these beautiful pictures.

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